Prism Microsystems, Inc.

Prism Microsystems, Inc. delivers business-critical solutions to consolidate, correlate and detect changes that impact the performance, availability and security of your IT infrastructure. With a proven history of innovation and leadership, Prism provides easy-to-deploy products and solutions for integrated compliance, security and change management as well as intrusion detection.Through its comprehensive Log Management capabilities, Operations and Network support departments can not only meet auditing requirements but also gain unrivalled insight into real-rime and historical events across their systems.



Finally Software partners with SETECS in the area of Public Key Infrastructure and Secure Applications. Including Smartcard Management and Secure E-Mail.

Setecs is a leading edge information technology company providing security software and services, mobile devices and applications, and secure collaborative environments.

SETECS develops and licenses advanced Internet security technologies enabling complete end-to-end security for voice, data, and video such as applications in Secure Web Services (XML), Secure Instant Messaging, Collaborative Environments and Wireless "PDA/SmartPhone" Environments and Appliances (e.g. Java secure desktop & total security platform, identification and credential management systems).

With the benefit of three years of intensive research and development, as well as participation in pilot programs with NSA, DOD, SSA, and NOAA, SETECS products are market tested and sold through Channel Partners worldwide.

All SETECS software is open standards based, modular, and interoperable, which enables rapid application development, and investment protection.

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