EventTracker™ - market leading event log management solution

A Corporate IT infrastructure today consists of hundreds or even thousands of devices including servers, network devices, applications, databases and domain controllers. All these devices generate valuable information in the form of event logs that are critical to meeting compliance regulations and improving security. Without an automated solution to help manage these logs; managing and making use of the information is enormously difficult. To be successful, you need a solution that, firstly automates the collection of all the events, and then stores, correlates, and enables in-depth analysis of the event log data.

Log management is recognized as a critical strategy for improving overall security, increasing operational efficiency and, of course, meeting compliance requirements. Customers today are demanding not only a full featured enterprise solution, but one that delivers a quick return on investment and a low total cost of ownership as well.

EventTracker is the answer.

EventTracker is a 100% software solution that features both agentless or agent based real time collection of all the logs, secure, tamper-proof and encrypted log storage, and real-time log analysis and reporting. The EventTracker architecture is highly flexible and scalable, features a secure Web or Windows based UI, and includes a comprehensive automated compliance solution including report templates and built in compliance workflows. EventTracker is quick to implement, and easy to use and maintain. It represents the most solid choice for a log management solution for enterprises with 50 to 5,000 devices to monitor.


EventTracker Features:

EventTracker allows you to effectively manage your systems and provides operational efficiencies – reducing IT costs and freeing resources for other duties that increase the business value of your organization. EventTracker’s built-in knowledge base enables you to gather business intelligence providing increased security, performance, availability, and reliability of your systems.


EventTracker allows you to collect event data from a variety of sources through an agent or agent-less architecture. This provides you with the data to monitor events throughout your entire environment including servers, workstations, network devices, applications, processes, and services.


The advanced, central console puts the security manager, event log monitor and event log reporting engine at your fingertips. Instantly display events from all systems on a centralized console and customize views using multiple windows and rule based filtering.


EventTracker provides an integrated solution for efficient storage of event logs. EventVault archives event logs across the enterprise without the need for additional DBMS licenses. All events are compressed (over 96% compression ratio) and sealed with an MD-5 signature.


Events from multiple servers and domains can be correlated to provide for faster decision making and greater security. EventCorrelator makes it easy to define patterns of events and create rules and actions which can prevent the loss of revenue and increase overall security.

Analysis & Reporting

EventTracker includes comprehensive analysis and reporting tools to allow you to easily and quickly analyze and report on all your logs – in real-time or as part of a post-incident forensics process - from a central location.

Config Control & Change Management

Configuration control and change management are key components for security management and regulatory compliance. They empower your Server Administrators to identify, manage, and counter security threats. They are an integral part of maintaining compliance with external regulations and internal policies.