OneCARD™ - Universal Smart card System

OneCARD™ is a system supporting, transparently, multiple types of smart cards, including secret-key cryptography, public-key cryptography, file system cards, and Java smart cards. The system supports multiple secure applications and may be combined with multiple PKIs.

The administration system is built into OnePKI™ and OneNET™ applications to provide the features of creating and managing certificates on smart cards including the issuing, updating and revocation of smart card certificates.

OneCARD™ is a middleware which separates the details of the card APIs from the applications for multiple file-system cards and smart card readers as well as the latest Java cards.

OneCARD™ also supports the latest and favoured Java-format smart cards which use applets on the cards to provide security features embedded on the card hardware.

OneCARD™ is compliant with all relevant smart card standards (ISO 7816, PKCS#11, PKCS#15, GSA smart access card).

The system transparently supports multiple readers and smart cards through OCF and GSA smart card interfaces.

The system supports multiple smart card applications (secure identification and authentication, local and remote login, credit card and debit card payments, stored money transactions, loyalty and ticketing transactions, medical applications, etc).

OneCARD™ is integrated with OnePKI™ and the OneNET™ applications and the smart card can store multiple X.509 v3 certificates. Because of multiple certificates stored in the card, the cards may be issued simultaneously by multiple issuers, they support multiple smart card applications and may be conveniently used in mobile environments.

The primary application for this product are banks and other financial institutions (credit/debit cards based on smart cards) and Government agencies for strong security applications and various public services organisations and corporate customers to secure high sensitive data.

There are no equivalent products on the market, and all the existing products are based on proprietary solutions and usually support single smart card applications.