Security Services

Our services are designed with one goal in mind, to help you get maximum results and the swiftest possible return on your investment.

With the Security Development services, this means working with your key project managers, software developers and users to add advanced digital certificate security to your software product or applications in the shortest possible time.

PKI-Enabled - enhancing applications with Digital Certificate security

There are a number of situations with software development when it is more effective to bring in expertise to complete a task rather than train up internal staff. The development of security within a software product or application is one area where the cost and time necessary to invest in internal expertise far outweighs the cost of external assistance.

Finally Software offers a security development service to add digital certificate security to your existing software product or application. We can provide the software environment and the tools as well as the resources to work with your developers to integrate the security into your software.

We have a set of tools which encapsulate the security functions within simple to use object classes which can be applied rapidly to new or existing software tools and applications. With our extensive knowledge of the security requirements and these powerful tools we can rapidly enhance your applications to add:

  • User authentication using soft certificates and optionally smart cards.
  • Add encryption to your files to protect sensitive data.
  • Encrypt network traffic to ensure privacy on public networks.
  • Control access to protected data based on certificate identities.

The One-Net range of products provides an infrastructure to embrace the full range of standards in the use of digital certificates within a distributed infrastructure and the 'PKI-Enabled' service provides the resources to get the best and fastest route to a secured software product.

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